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"Your talent is God's gift to you; 

What you do with it is your gift back to God" (Leo Buscaglia)


    "How much does it cost to record a CD?"  Good question... Let's use the analogy of an automobile.   "How much is a car?". Which car you ask? Is it a Mustang, a Mercedes, a Ferrari, a Dodge Charger, a Lexus? Maybe you're looking for a mileage car. Is it even a car you are looking for? What about a Range Rover or a Hummer? What do you want to use it for? Perhaps you'd be better served with a four wheel drive, a pick-up truck, a utility van, or even a big rig... There's a thousand differences between makes and models, features and options, and levels of quality.  All of these differences affect the price tag.  What is it that you're after?  All elements have to be considered before making your decision.  So... the only informed way to answer your question is with more questions...

    What are you hoping to achieve with your finished CD?  Are you creating a 'demo' as part of your promotion package for booking gigs?  Are your fans asking for your CD when you play out?  Are you pursuing that elusive 'record deal'?  Perhaps you would just like to make a 'posterity disc' for your friends and family?  Are you producing a commercial CD?  Do you consider yourself a serious artist with something significant to say - with an eye toward producing your musical masterpiece?  

    Somewhere within these extremes lies the answer.  The cost ends up being a balance between how much you're comfortable spending versus the kind of results you hope to obtain.  The questions to ask yourself are:  Do I really believe in myself and in my dreams & talents?  What are my ultimate goals?  and  What am I willing to invest to see these dreams, talents and goals come to fruition?

    Another consideration in determining studio cost is:  What will actually be required in the studio to achieve your goals?  It stands to reason that the process will move along more quickly with say...  an artist accompanying himself or herself on piano or guitar, verses a twelve piece band complete with guitars, bass, vocalists, keyboards, drums, percussion,  brass and/or string sections...  Starting to make sense?

    To take it a step further: This is a hard question, but it has to be asked!  Are you really as good as you think you are?  Creating a recording  that your fans will want to listen to again and again is much different than what you can get away with in a live performance setting.  The recording process works both ways.  Yes, it does allow truly magical things to happen through the vast palette of techniques and tools available to the artist, producer and engineer.  The other side of the coin is that recording captures exactly what you play- "for better or for worse".  And it usually always takes some time to get a take you are completely happy with.

    We've worked with artists who literally "nailed it" on the first or second take, laying a solid foundation to build on.  In contrast, there have been artists for which no amount of retakes or "magical pixie dust" could improve what was "caught on tape" during the first pass.  This scenario leaves few alternatives...  Should we spend untold hours attempting to "fix" a poor performance (pitch correcting, manipulating the audio and timing through editing, automation, time stretching, cut and paste, etc)  -or-  stop the session and come back at some future date- hopefully with some serious training, coaching and practice under their belt  -or-  simply leave it raw and uncut?  Ultimately, what we are all after is the best possible end result...

    God gave you natural talent, it's your responsibility to multiply that talent through study, training, hard work and discipline - the proverbial "blood sweat and tears" if you will.  Everyone wants to be a star, few are willing to do the work required to get there...

   And finally: You've heard the saying "There's no such thing as a free lunch".  What good is a cheap CD if it sounds like one!?  OK, so you and your band recorded 3 songs for $125.00 at studio X... But what's it sound like?  You can't buy a BMW on a Ford Fiesta budget. It requires an investment- a commitment of your time, dedication and resources. Do you really believe in yourself?


    "It's a wrap"  At New Renaissance Productions TM, we produce the full range, from song demos to full length album projects.  Whatever your budget, we want to work with you and help you achieve your goals- to see your dreams become reality.  New Renaissance Productions TM has a hard-won reputation of high quality work and great customer service.  Our studio rates are based on that reputation, on your specific requirements, and access to our outstanding arsenal of gear and meticulously maintained facilities.  There are no hidden fees or additional charges for the services of our in-house engineer.

    With racks full of great outboard gear, a well stocked microphone locker, sweet acoustically tuned spaces, top-of-the-line Fortune Drums 'house' drum kit, fully outfitted DAWs (Digital Audio Workstations) with high level editing capabilities and award winning plug-ins, premium Apogee A/D converters, a stellar keyboard rig and many other features too numerous to mention here,  New Renaissance Productions TM  can literally take your project as far as you want to take it.  What it comes down to is a matter of vision; limited only by the boundaries of your imagination and the time and resources you're willing to invest.

    There is no rule that says some high dollar production will be a hit.  But there's no escaping tried and true adage "you get what you pay for".  At New Renaissance Productions TM   we're dedicated to exceeding our client's goals. We want your project to be everything you hope for, and more.  The ball is in your court. Simply contact us to make an appointment.  We'll sit down with you and discuss your goals and dreams, help you develop a strategy to realize them, and work out a budget for your project.


    In order to best accommodate our client's scheduling needs we endeavor to be as flexible as possible.  However, from a business standpoint this has to be balanced against keeping studio idle-time to a minimum.  To this end we employ the following policies and practices.

Payment:   We require a minimum $100.00 deposit to schedule a recording session, which is applied toward the total. The remaining balance is to be paid in full before the beginning of the first scheduled date.  We operate on a "Pay as you go" basis- all studio time must be paid for in advance of the session.  No exceptions.  By placing a deposit the client shows they are serious, will show up on time and prepared for the scheduled session. We accept cash, money order, bank check or personal check (all personal checks must clear the bank before the first session begins so allow enough lead time for that to happen). No materials will be released without full payment.

Set up and start times: Subject to studio availability and schedules permitting, we will allow up to one half hour for musicians to get in and set up their gear prior to the scheduled session. Session times begin at the time scheduled (i.e. If your scheduled start time was for 10:00 and you arrive at 10:45, you are still billed from the scheduled time of 10:00).

Schedule changes:  We understand that "stuff happens" and we do our best to work with a client should schedule changes be required.  As a general rule, reschedules and cancellations must be made a minimum of five days before your scheduled session. If you cancel the session without the five days notice, you will forfeit your deposit.

Extended sessions:  As many of our New Renaissance Productions TM clients have already discovered, creating in the studio can be an exciting, rewarding and productive experience.  Once they see how well their project is coming together, many clients elect to extend their time in the studio.  Extended sessions requiring additional studio time must be paid for in advance of the recording session.

Taxes:  Yes, recording studio services are considered taxable by the State of Ohio. We collect Columbiana County sales tax. Whatever your total is, expect to pay sales tax on that amount.

Licensing:  If you are recording someone else's material (whether your own arrangements, your own version of a song or using recorded "backing" tracks) it's your responsibility to obtain permission from and pay mechanical rights and/or royalties to the owner of that material.  We aren't lawyers, so don't interpret this as legal advice.

It is the client's responsibility to obtain proper legal advice and properly license any recording done in the studio, and the studio is not liable in any way.

Disclaimer:  We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone at any time. Don't take it personal, it's just the way it is.


Block Booking:  Setting aside a specific amount of studio time, spanning several days, weeks, months or even longer at a pre-negotiated rate.

Lock Out:  Commandeering the studio for a specified amount of consecutive days, weeks, months or longer.  This means that no other sessions will be booked in the off hours (when you are not in the studio).  When you return, everything will be as it was left at the end of your last session.  This can maximize productivity by virtually eliminating lost time spent re-patching and resetting equipment, set ups, tear downs etc.


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