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Interested in learning more about the mind and spirit behind

New Renaissance Productions TMChristopher Duncan?

Click on Renaissance Man.


Click on this Rushing Wind TM link for information

about the band, upcoming concerts, and

their latest CD release 'Can You See Past a Lifetime'.



"Elegant Music for Every Occasion"

This link will take you to the Silver & Strings Trio web site


Brian T. Donahue Contemporary Christian Musician


New Renaissance Productions TM is proud to have hosted

Reb Beach's new instructional DVD (now in editing).

Reb Beach Page


  TAXI is the world's leading independent A&R company

 helping unsigned bands, artists and songwriters get record deals,

publishing deals and placement in films and TV shows


Disc Makers CD / DVD Duplication, CD / DVD Replication, CD / DVD Duplicators, CD / DVD Printers, Blank CDs and DVDs



Paul Maslin's PM Woodwind. Vintage Selmer and other top-of-the-line

vintage saxophones. A premier sax technician and dealer; Paul is a high level

sax player himself, an individual possessing both the technical skill and

depth of understanding essential to take a great a sax and make it everything it can be.


Sax Forte New top-of-the-line saxophones. Owned and operated by

Mathew Aaron, a sax player for over 30 years and renowned

as one of the most discerning sax dealers around.


www.StudioDuncan.com Fine art prints, photographs, original artwork

and woodworks created by iconoclastic artist Christopher Duncan

This new web site is under construction and has yet to be published. Please check back in the future.


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