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Some of the gear listed has a direct link to the manufacturer's web site product information- click on the purple links if you would like to visit them, then use your browser's BACK button to return to this page.

Microphone Preamps:

    1-A Designs Pacifica two-channel microphone preamp / DI  With the Quad Eight Ventura, Coronado and Pacifica console preamplifiers for reference, A Designs closely examined the design and composition of the heart and soul in the consoles of these great pieces. After much design, A/Bing, and beta testing, the result is the Pacifica- a solid state, single space, rack mounted, microphone pre amplifier from the "glory days."


    1-ADL 600 dual channel vacuum tube microphone / line preamp / DI  Designed by world-renown analog tube circuit designer Anthony DeMaria of Anthony DeMaria Labs, the ADL 600 is a high-voltage Class-A discrete preamp with three vacuum tubes & dual transformers on each channel. This, coupled with it's 600 volt power rails, yields maximum headroom and tonality. The ADL 600 is hand built in the USA by PreSonus and utilizes the finest components in the world.


    1-api 3124+ 4-channel microphone preamp / DI The model 3124+ utilizes the same microphone preamp circuit as is used in all API consoles. It also uses the RE-115 K mic input transformer and the same output transformer that is used in all API equalizers. All four mic inputs of the 3124+ are powered by an internal 48 volt phantom power supply, front panel switchable for each channel. Also provided is a front panel 20 dB pad switch that effects both the Mic and Line in.


    1-Avalon Design VT-737 SP mono class A vacuum tube discrete preamp-opto-compressor-equalizer


    1-Avalon Design AD2022 dual mono pure class A preamplifier


    1-dbx 586 Silver Series dual channel vacuum tube preamplifier


    1-Joe Meek Studio Channel VC1 mono preamp-opto-compressor-enhancer


    1-PreSonus M80 eight channel class A  mic / line preamp


    1-Universal Audio 2-610 two-channel vacuum tube preamplifier


    2-Vintech X73i Class-A all discrete, transformer balanced microphone preamplifiers with equalizer The X73i features a Class-A mic pre, based on the classic Neve 1073 with all of the same eq parameters, plus additional mid range frequencies, selectable input impedance, 1/4 inch D.I. on the front panel, transformer balanced mic and line inputs, phase reverse, phantom power switch, eq switch, 70db of gain, quality Grayhill rotary switches, custom machined aluminum knobs, plus many other features.


    1-Vintech 473 Class-A all discrete, transformer balanced microphone preamplifiers with equalizer The 473 features four 1073 Neve style microphone preamplifiers with "essential eq" on every channel.  "Essential" because the eq's really help to enhance certain instruments and impart a certain magic to the sound like a vintage Neve 1073. Frequency choices are 3.2k and 12k for the highs and 60hz and 220hz on the low shelving. Each channel also offers an input sensitivity adjustment allowing up to 70db of gain, an input impedance switch, a mic-line switch, an instrument input and switches for phantom power, phase reverse and eq on or off.


Compressors & Gates:

    1-Boss NS-50 stereo noise suppressor


    2-Crane Song Trakker discrete class A compressor limiters. The TRAKKER functions either as a fully adjustable musically transparent compressor limiter or as a vintage compressor limiter with selectable hard or soft knee settings


    2-Drawmer DL-241 two channel auto compressors


    1-Drawmer DS-404 four channel frequency selective gate


    1-PreSonus ACP88 eight channel compressor / limiter / gate


    2-Summit Audio TLA-50 Tube leveling amplifiers


    2-Universal Audio 1176LN solid state limiting amplifiers (with 1176SA stereo adapter) Universal Audio's reissue of a classic piece of gear, modeled after the blackface, D and E revisions



Other Outboard Gear:

    1-A Designs ATTY 2'D Passive Audio Line Level Control (5.1) The ATTY2'D (pronounced "Attitude") offers fully independent control over two stereo pairs and two mono signals. An invaluable tool when running microphone preamps "hot" for tone purposes, then attenuating the signal to prevent clipping at the A/D converters.


    1-Antares ATR-1 Auto Tune pitch intonation processor (with ATR-1a EPROM upgrade)


    1-Aphex Type C Aural Exciter with Big Bottom


    1-BBE 882i Sonic Maximizer (balanced version)


    1-Crane Song HEDD192  (Harmonically Enhanced Digital Device) is a technological breakthrough in signal processing. The HEDD192 is engineered to be musically transparent while providing the capability of generating tube/analog sounds in the digital domain. It also features a pair of extremely high quality A/D D/A converters, with digital (AES and S/PDIF) & analog IO, word clock IO, and Dave Hill's proprietary dither algorithm.


    2-dbx 563X Silencers (single ended noise reduction)


    2-dbx 263X De-Essers


    1-Ensoniq DP-4 four channel parallel digital effects processor


    1-Yamaha SPX-90 digital effects processor


Computer / Hard Disc Recording offers tremendous advantages over tape based recording media. To Name just a few:

Random access. Instantly pull up any song in your project,  any track in your song,  any position on that track,  right down to the sample level. This speeds the recording process and allows for a greatly enhanced workflow.

Virtually any level of editing you desire. From a simple fade to complex waveform editing, automation, signal processing, synchronization etc.

Total Recall. Open your session at any time and pick up exactly where you left off, with all fades, panning, alternate takes, processing... virtually everything exactly the way you left it.

NO tape costs! All recording is done direct to disc and your finished master recording will be provided to you on CD. (Since all primary and back up hard drives will be blanked and reformatted for the next client's project, we offer you the option of archiving your complete session tracks for future use. This can be done using inexpensive 20Gb uncompressed DDS-4 data back up tapes or even on external hard drives. Please Note: This optional service is provided at additional cost).


DAW (digital audio workstation) systems:

    1-Alesis AI-3  24bit, eight channel A/D D/A converter (95dB dynamic range)


    1-APC Back-UPS NS1250


    1-Apogee AD-16X  24bit, sixteen channel A/D converter (120dB dynamic range)


    1-Apogee AD-16  24bit, sixteen channel A/D converter (117dB dynamic range)


    1-Apogee BigBen master word clock w / Apogee Wide Eye cabling


1- Apple 'Mac Pro' Intel (Mac OSX10.6.8 Snow Leopard)


                Dual 2.8GHz Quad-Core Intel Xeon "Harpertown" Processors (8-cores total) w/12MB of L2 cache per processor (6MB shared per pair of cores),1600MHz dual independent frontside buses

                16GB 800MHz DDR2 fully buffered ECC memory in eight FB-DIMM slots

                1- 320GB 7200-rpm Western Digital SATA 3Gb/s hard drive

                2- Additional internal 500GB 7200-rpm Western Digital SATA 3Gb/s hard drives

                ATI Radeon HD 2600 XT w/256MB GDDR3 frame buffer, PCI Express 2.0 interface, and two dual-link DVI ports


1- Apple Power Mac G4 'Mirrored Door Drive' (Mac OS9.2.2, OSX10.4.11 Tiger or OSX10.5 Leopard)

                Dual 1.25 GHz Processors w/2MB L3 cache per processor & 167 MHz system bus

                2GB DR333 SDRAM (PC2700)

                1-80 GB internal Ultra ATA/100 hard drive

                1-Additional Maxtor 120GB internal Ultra ATA100 hard drive

                ATI Radeon 9000 Pro dual-display video card w/64MB DDR


1- Apple Power Mac G4 'Gigabit Ethernet Mystic' (Mac OS9.2.2)

                Dual 500–MHz PowerPC G4 processors w/1MB L2 cache per processor

                896MB PC100 & PC133 SDRAM

                DVD RAM optical drive

                1- 40 GB internal ATA hard drive

                1-Additional Maxtor 40 GB internal ATA hard drive

                ATI Rage 128 Pro video card



    1- Samsung SyncMaster 213T DVI digital 21.3" flat panel LCD monitor

    1- Samsung  40" LED flatscreen


    1- Gefen 2X2 DVI DL Switcher provides quick and easy switching between our two primary DAWs (Digital Audio Workstations) while utilizing the same keyboard/mouse, dual displays and USB hub.


    1-ATTO Technology dual bus SCSI card


    1-Glyph "Trip" four bay external rack unit loaded with:

                1-Glyph (Seagate Cheetah) Removable Hot Swappable 18 gig 15,000 rpm SCSI hard drive

                1-Glyph (Seagate Cheetah) Removable Hot Swappable 36 gig 10,000 rpm SCSI hard drive

                1-Glyph (Plextor) Plexwriter 12/4/32 PX-W124TSI CDRW burner

                1-Glyph (SONY) SDT 11000 (20 gig uncompressed) DDS-4 HS DAT 150 back up tape  drive


    3-Glyph GT 050Q quad interface external hard drives (1- 250GB, 1- 500GB, 1-1TB)



    3-Motu 2408 Mk III 24 bit PCI Core Hard Disc recording systems with 2- PCI 424 cards & 1- PCIe 424 card


     1-Motu 24io 24 bit PCI Expansion



Antares Auto-Tune 7

Auto-Tune 7 Pitch and Time Correcting Plug-In

Auto-Tune Evo's Automatic Mode        Auto-Tune Evo's Graphical Mode


                         D82 Sonic Maximizer Software BBE D82 Sonic Maximizer 


  EastWest Quantum Leap Pianos  After two years of recording, editing, and programming sounds from over half a million dollars worth of exquisite pianos, EastWest proudly presents the most detailed collection of the world's finest grand pianos ever recorded. All captured in one of the 'temples of sound' - EASTWEST STUDIOS - where more RIAA certified platinum and gold records have been awarded than any other recording studio. Created by by multi award-winning EASTWEST/QUANTUM LEAP producers DOUG ROGERS AND NICK PHOENIX (Symphonic Orchestra, Symphonic Choirs etc. etc.), there are three mic positions for each piano, open and closed lid positions, and IR (Impulse response) reverbs based ambient space processing. This allows complete flexibility and control over the sound of the piano and the ambient space in which it is played.


  Logic Studio 8 Native DAW software


  MOTU Digital Performer 7 DAW Software  MOTU Digital Performer 7 Native DAW software


    MOTU Unisyn Editor Librarin


Integral Studio Pack III Nomad factory 'Integral Studio Pack III'  50 Plug-ins issued from Nomad Factory's famous Blue Tubes, Liquid, Analog Signature, Analog Mastering Tools, Essential, Retrology, and  British series; not to mention the collaboration with guitarist Jimmy Crespo to custom-build the definitive guitar amp simulator plug-in Rock Amp Legends, for the ultimate in tone, responsiveness, feel and playability.

Now includes the new Pulse-Tec EQ's (digital recreations of the legendary Pultec Program Equalizer EQP-1A  &  the Pultec Mid-Range MEQ-5), the ALL-TECH 9063B Equalizer (emulation of the legendary ALTEC 9063B Program Equalizer),  Magnetic and MAGNETIC II (Reel-to-Reel Audio Tape Warming effects that give your tracks the exclusive vintage tape sound by adding the warmth and character of tube circuitry and analog tape saturation and ECHOES (faithfully models the greatest delay effects of all time, PLX-1 based on* Echoplex® 1, PLX-3 based on* Echoplex 3, OILCAN based on* Tel-Ray® Oilcan Delay, EHX-DM based on* Electro Harmonix® Deluxe Memory Man, and ADM-2 based on* Boss® DM-2 Analog Delay).

    roxio Toast 5 Titanium


 SyncroArts Vocalign Project  VocALign's unique ability to align two signals enables it to be used creatively to take guide or even "live" tracks and create performances with perfectly aligned overdubs. This outstanding software gives users perfectly aligned double-tracked vocals, tight backing vocals, easy re-grooving of recorded vocals for remixing and shorter overdub sessions. Users also have the ability to choose the best rhythm and pace for a specific vocal, or even lay down the required tempo pattern for the artist.


Virtual Mastering Console

Slate Digital VCC The Virtual Console Collection consists of two plug-ins, Virtual Channel and Virtual Mixbuss. Each plug-in allows the user to choose from one of four modeled consoles (it's not stated on the plug in, but the four are  api, Neve, Trident and SSL; and the newly updated RC-Tube version adds a fifth- "an authentic emulation of a classic 1950's all tube broadcast console").  Virtual Channel is applied on individual mixing channels. Virtual Mixbuss goes on the first insert of the master fader.


Trigger Drum Replacer

Slate Digital Trigger Advanced Drum Replacer


   Waves Mercury Plug-in Bundle + SSL 4000 Collection  With well over 100 stellar processors and over 250 component plug-ins, Mercury features more Waves in one package than ever before!
From time-domain effects to equalizers, from dynamics control to noise reduction, from guitar sound modeling to the sound of classic analog components, there has never been such a comprehensive collection as this. The Mercury Collection offers more effects, more channel components, more mixdown tools, more processors than ever before in one place.

(Click on the purple hyperlinks below to visit Wave's site & get a full description of each plug-in. Use your browser's BACK button to return to this page)

Over 100 Plug-ins

API 550A
API 550B
API 560
API 2500
C1 Comp & Sidechain
C1 Gate
C1 Parametric Compander
C1 Comp-Gate
C360 Surround Compressor
C4 MultiBand
CLA-76 Blacky
CLA-76 Bluey
CLA Bass
CLA Drums
CLA Effects
CLA Guitars
CLA Unplugged
CLA Vocals
Dorrough Stereo
Dorrough Surround
Eddie Kramer Bass Channel
Eddie Kramer Drum Channel
Eddie Kramer Effects Channel
Eddie Kramer Guitar Channel
Eddie Kramer Vocal Channel
GTR3 Amps: Direct
GTR3 Amps: Clean
GTR3 Amps: Warm
GTR3 Amps: Punchy
GTR3 Amps: Scream
GTR3 Amps: Shredder
GTR3 Amps: Sweet
GTR3 Amps: Edgy
GTR3 Amps: Cream
GTR3 Amps: Drive
GTR3 Amps: OverDrive
GTR3 Amps: Crush
GTR3 Amps: Monster
GTR3 Amps: Inferno
GTR3 Amps: Scorch
GTR3 Amps: Supernatural
GTR3 Amps: Hot
GTR3 Amps: Crunch
GTR3 Amps: Modern
GTR3 Amps: Legatron Clean
GTR3 Amps: Legatron Crunch
GTR3 Amps: Thermitron Clean
GTR3 Amps: Thermitron Crunch
GTR3 Amps: Plexitron Lite
GTR3 Amps: Plexitron Crunch
GTR3 Bass Amps: Directube
GTR3 Bass Amps: Activator
GTR3 Bass Amps: SolidState
GTR3 Bass Amps: Mo’Town
GTR3 Bass Amps: SuperTube
GTR3 Bass Amps: Thunder
GTR3 Bass Amps: OverBass
GTR3 Stomps: Chorus
GTR3 Stomps: OverDrive
GTR3 Stomps: Distortion
GTR3 Stomps: Fuzz
GTR3 Stomps: Buzz
GTR3 Stomps: Metal
GTR3 Stomps: Flanger
GTR3 Stomps: Vibrolo
GTR3 Stomps: Panner
GTR3 Stomps: Phaser
GTR3 Stomps: Octaver
GTR3 Stomps: WahWah
GTR3 Stomps: Doubler
GTR3 Stomps: Pitcher
GTR3 Stomps: Bass Pitcher
GTR3 Stomps: Delay
GTR3 Stomps: Lay-D
GTR3 Stomps: Reverb
GTR3 Stomps: Spring
GTR3 Stomps: Gate/Comp
GTR3 Stomps: Compressor
GTR3 Stomps: GateGTR3 Stomps: Tone
GTR3 Stomps: EQ
GTR3 Stomps: Axx Press
GTR3 Stomps: Volume Pedal
GTR3 Tuner
GTR3 ToolRack
IDR360° Bit Re-quantizer
H-Comp Hybrid Compressor
H-Delay Hybrid Delay
IR1 Parametric Convolution Reverb
IR360° Surround Convolution Reverb
IR-L Parametric Convolution Reverb
JJP Bass
JJP Cymbals & Percussion
JJP Drums
JJP Guitars
JJP Keys & Strings
JJP Vocals
Kramer HLS Channel
Kramer PIE Compressor
L1 Ultramaximizer
L2 Ultramaximizer
L3 Multimaximizer
L3 Ultramaximizer
L3-16 Multimaximizer
L3-LL Multimaximizer
L3-LL Ultramaximizer
LFE360° Low-Pass Filter
L360° Surround Limiter
Linear Phase Equalizer Broadband
Linear Phase Equalizer Lowband
Linear Phase MultiBand
M360° Surround Manager
M360° Surround Mixdown
Maserati ACG Acoustic Guitar Designer
Maserati B72 Bass Phattner
Maserati DRM Drum Slammer
Maserati GTi Guitar Toner
Maserati HMX Harmonics Generator
Maserati VX1 Vocal Enhancer
MV2 Dynamics Processor
MV360 Surround Dynamics Processor
PAZ Analyzer
PS22 Stereo Maker (TDM Only)
PuigChild 660 & 670
PuigTec EQP-1A
PuigTec MEQ-5
Q10 Paragraphic Equalizer
R360° Surround Reverb
Renaissance Axx
Renaissance Bass
Renaissance Channel
Renaissance Compressor
Renaissance DeEsser
Renaissance Equalizer
Renaissance Reverb
Renaissance Vox
S1 Stereo Imager
S1 Stereo Matrix
S1 Stereo Shuffler
S360° Surround Imager
S360° Surround Panner
SuperTap 2-Tap
SuperTap 6-Tap
TransX MultiBand
TransX WideBand
UM225 / UM226
Vocal Rider
Waves Tune

SSL 4000-Collection




 Keyboard Rig, Samplers and Sound Modules:

    1-Alesis DM Pro 20 bit drum module


    1- EMU PROTEUS 2500 Command Station


    1-Ensoniq VFX-SD keyboard / workstation


    1-Ensoniq TS-10 keyboard / workstation with 8Mb SIMMS & SCSI option


    1-Ensoniq EPS 16+ digital sampling workstation rack module with 1Mb Flashbank & SCSI options


    -Large collection of  Ensoniq sound libraries


    1-PS Systems "old school" 44Mb removable SCSI hard drive


    1-Kurzweil K2600XS sampling keyboard / workstation 

Fully loaded with the following features and options:

                Full 88-Key weighted action keyboard

                V.A.S.T. Variable Architecture Synthesis Technology

                Extensive array of assignable MIDI controllers

                Daughter Board for ROM blocks

                Orchestral ROM Block

                Contemporary ROM Block

                Stereo Dynamic Piano ROM Block

                Vintage Electric Piano ROM Block

                DADAT-26 8-channel 24 bit / 48 khz Digital I /O

                KDFX 5-stereo bus, 24 bit digital effects processing

                Internal 9 Gig hard drive

                Full 128 Meg of sample memory

                P-RAM battery backed RAM

                Sampling  option with analog and digital I/O

                SCSI connectors for external SCSI compatible drives

                Glyph 40x external SCSI CD ROM drive


    1-Roland CM-64 sound module


    1-Yamaha VL70m Virtual Acoustic Tone Generator



    1-Mackie 24 channel eight buss mixing console with meter bridge


    1-Mackie 24 channel eight buss expander with meter bridge



    1-Pr. Genelec S30-C three way tri-amplified active monitors


    1-Pr. Tannoy System-8 dual concentric passive monitors powered by a Hafler Pro 2400 power amplifier


    1-Tannoy PS-110B powered sub woofer


    1-Pr. Radio Shack Optimus-7 Pro AV speakers (small speakers to check mix transportability)


Additional Recorders:

    4-Alesis ADAT MDM (Modular Digital Multi-track) blackface 16 bit recorders (32 tracks total) with Mogami / Elco snakes


    1-Alesis Masterlink ML9600 master CD recorder


    1-Denon 770R dual cassette recorder


    1-Fostex D-10 master DAT recorder


    1-Tascam 122 MkII master cassette recorder


Digital / Midi / SMPTE:

    1- Akai MPD16 USB/MIDI  pad controller w/ 16 touch sensitive pads that can be used with any sampler/sound module and/or sequencer to record and play drum and percussion patterns with the expression and feel that only pads can offer.


    1-Alesis BRC (Big Remote Control) with RMB (Remote Meter Bridge)


    1-Alesis AI-1 digital interface / format & sample rate converter


    1-JL Cooper MSB+ Rev2 midi patch bay


    1-JL Cooper PPS-100 SMPTE time code reader generator


    1-Motu MTP- AV USB Midi Time Piece


    1-Roland CA-30 intelligent arranger


    1-Roland CF-10 digital fader


Headphones & Headphone Amp:

    1- Furman HDS-16 headphone distribution amplifier. Delivers up to 8-mono and 4 stereo sends to the individual HRM-16 remote mixing stations.


    6- Furman HRM-16 remote mixing stations. Providing each musician with their own personal mixer to adjust individual instrument volume levels and create their own custom headphone mix. With full musician-to-musician and musician-to-control room talkback facilities.


    1-Pr. AKG K240-DF headphones

    5-Pr. AKG K240 headphones

    2-Pr. AKG K270-S headphones

    2-Pr. Audio Technica AT H-D40 headphones

    2-Pr. beyerdynamic DT 770 PRO/80 headphones

    2-Pr. Direct Sound EX-29 headphones

    1-Pr. Sennheiser HD280 headphones


Brother Laser Printer:

    Yet another extremely useful feature in Digital Performer is the ability to print sheet music directly from MIDI parts recorded into DP's sequencer (or imported into DP from an external hardware sequencer or other software program).  For musicians with composing chops, lead sheets can be printed for the musicians to follow while recording in the studio. In this scenario, MIDI is the first step to proofing the composition, then the sheet music can be printed out via our laser printer and distributed to the session musicians for the recording date. Very handy!


Additional Support pieces:


    2-Cloud Microphones  CL-2 Cloudlifters The phantom powered Cloudlifter CL-2 adds up to +25dB of perfectly transparent gain to your signal, giving low-output mics (especially ribbons) a major boost


    2-Earthworks  Kick Pad Inline kick drum Pad/EQ processors

Earthworks KP1 Kick Pad


    1-Little Labs  Red Eye passive direct box / re-amp box The heart of the Red Eye is a Little Labs custom wound transformer. This transformer was chosen for its sonic characteristics and is made with the same core material and winding technique as the legendary UTC transformers found in many classic pro audio devices.


    1-Radial engineering JDI MK4 Duplex Stereo Passive direct box


    1-Radial engineering ProAV2 2-Channel Multimedia DI


    1-Radial engineering J33 Turntable DI


    1-Radial engineering SGI Studio Guitar Interface


    1-Peterson VS-1 virtual strobe tuner

Peterson VS-1 Virtual Strobe Tuner


    1-Pro Co MS-42  four channel microphone splitter

Close-up image | Pro Co MS-42A


    1-Whirlwind Multi Director four channel direct box


    3-Whirlwind IMP-2 direct boxes


    1-Whirlwind  Medusa 6 in 3 out breakout box


    1-Whirlwind  Medusa 12 in 4 out breakout box


    2-Shure A15AS Switchable In-Line Attenuators  (15, 20, or 25 dB )

Shure In Line Audio Transformers



    An often overlooked but nonetheless extremely important link in the audio chain is the quality of the audio cabling. Here at New Renaissance ProductionsTM we have left no stone unturned. Custom designed, purpose built stainless steel audio panels & Switchcraft patchbays are hard wired with premium quality Mogami ultra low capacitance, OFC (Oxygen Free Copper) 2930 series cable and Neutrik gold plated connectors (the same is true of all of the system interconnect wiring in the studio).  All audio inputs and outputs are terminated in a matrix of 9 patchbays (a total of 440 patch points) to allow complete flexibility in configuring the audio signal path.


Audio Power:

    1-Furman IT-REFERENCE Discrete Symmetrical AC Power Source

Furman Symmetrical (balanced) power is distributed to critical audio components throughout the control room via high quality Tripplite power strips.

    Yet another critical link in the audio chain is supplying the gear with clean AC power. This insures the quietest possible performance from the audio components without annoying buzzes, hums, clicks, pops and farts coming in through the power supply lines.

    In addition to the IT-Ref supplying dedicated balanced power to all of the audio components in the control room, great care has been taken to maintain clean power throughout the entire studio complex. All audio power is direct wired to a dedicated isolated electrical sub-panel. All Lighting circuits are separated from the audio system power panel. Lighting dimmers are custom designed and fabricated variable transformer dimmer panels (this eliminates contamination of the 60 cycle AC wave form).


Sound Reinforcement:

A compact, lightweight, portable system suited for smaller venues.

    2-Ashly GQ131 one third octave 31 band graphic equalizers

    2-Ashly MOS-FET 2000M power amplifiers

    2-BBE 422-A Sonic Maximizers

    1-BBE 822i Sonic Maximizer (balanced version)

    1-Crown MA-2400 power amplifier

    1-dbx 234 2-way / 3-way stereo, 4-way mono crossover

    1-Digitech RDS 1900 digital delay

    1-DOD R-830B dual 15 band equalizer

    1-Furman PL-8 power and light source

    2-JBL SR4722 Professional SR2700 Series loudspeakers

    2-JBL MP418S MPRO 400 Series subwoofers

    1-Lexicon LXP-5 digital effects processor

    1-Mackie CR1604 eight channel mixer w/ XLR10 expander mounted in a SKB 19-B12 pop-up mixer case

    1-Neumark CDN25 dual CD player

    1-ProCo 16x4 Channel Snake

    1-Rane RA 27 Real Time Analyzer

    1-Tripplite LCR-2400 power regulator and conditioner

    2-Yamaha S115-MT three way speakers

    1-Yamaha GC2020 two channel compressor / gate


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