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 Equipment List

This is an abbreviated list, intended for quick reference only.

For a complete listing with detailed information visit our Equipment page.



Microphone Preamps-

A Designs Pacifica dual channel mic pre w/ D.I

ADL 600 dual channel tube mic / line pre w/ D.I

api 3124+ four channels of  acclaimed api mic / line pres w/ D.I.

Avalon 737sp single channel tube mic pre w/ compressor & EQ

Avalon AD-2022 dual channel mic pre w/ D.I.

dbx 586 dual channel tube mic / line pre w/ EQ & limiting

JOE MEEK VC-1 single channel mic pre w/ D.I.

PreSonus M-80 eight channel mic pre

Universal Audio 2-610 dual channel tube mic pre w/ D.I.

Vintech X73i (2) Neve style pre w/ D.I. & EQ

Vintech 473 four channel Neve style pre w/ D.I. &  "essential" EQ


Compressors & Gates-

Boss NS-50 stereo noise suppressor

Cranesong TRAKKER (2)

Drawmer DL-241 (2) dual channel expander / gate, compressor, limiter

Drawmer DS-404 four channel frequency selective gate

PreSonus APC-88 eight channel compressor / limiter / gate

Summit Audio TLA-50 (2) Tube leveling amplifiers

Universal Audio 1176LN (2) solid state limiting amplifiers


Other Outboard Gear

A Designs ATTY2'D passive audio line level control

Antares ATR-1 (with ATR1-A EPROM upgrade)

Aphex Type C Aural Exciter with Big Bottom

BBE 882 Sonic Maximizer

CraneSong HEDD 192

dbx 563X Silencer (2) single ended noise reduction

dbx 263X De-Esser (2)

Digitech RDS 1900 digital delay

Ensoniq DP-4 four channel parallel digital effects processor

Yamaha SPX-90 digital effects processor



AKG D-112

Audio Technica AT-4041 (2)

Audio Technica AT-4050 CM5

Audix D-2 (6)

Audix D-6

Blue Baby Bottle (2)

Blue Ball

Cascade Fat Head II (2)

Cascade Vin-Jet (2) w/upgraded Lundahl transformers

Cascade X-15L Stereo Ribbon w/ upgraded Lundahl transformers

Crown CM-700 (2)

Electro Voice RE-20

Electro Voice BK-1 (2)

Electro Voice PL-9

Groove Tubes GT-55 Fet (2)

Groove Tubes GT-66 Tube (2)

Lawson L-47MP Tube

Microtech Gefell UM92s Tube

Neumann KM-184 (2)

Neumann TLM-103

Neumann U87 Ai (2)

Neumann M-149 Tube (2)

Peluso P-28 Tube (2)

Rode Classic Tube

Rode NTK Tube

Royer R-121 Ribbon

Sennheiser MD 421 (4)

Sennheiser MD-441

Studio Projects T-3 Tube (2)

Studio Projects C-3 Fet (2)

Soundelux ifet7 (2)

Shure Beta 52A

Shure SM-57 (4)




Digital Audio-

Alesis AI-3

Apogee AD-16X

Apogee AD-16

Apogee Big Ben master word clock

Apple Mac Pro

Apple Power Mac G4 (2)

Gefen 2X2 DVI DL Switcher

Furman IT-REFERENCE Discrete Symmetrical AC Power Source

Glyph Trip w/ 2 removable hard drives, Plextor CD burner, Sony DDS-4 20GB tape back up

Glyph GT050Q (3)

MOTU 2408 MK III Core (3)

MOTU 24io Expansion

Motu MTP- AV USB Midi Time Piece


Cue System-

Furman HRM-16 sixteen channel remote mixers (6), with Furman HDS-16 sixteen channel Headphone distribution amplifier.

Our cue system provides each musician with their own personal mixer, to adjust individual instrument volume levels and create their own custom headphone mix. With full musician-to-musician and musician-to-control room talkback facilities.


Software & Plug-Ins-

Antares Autotune 7

EastWest Quantum Leap Pianos

Nomad Factory Integral Studio Pack III

Slate Digital VCC Virtual Console Collection

Slate Digital Trigger

Syncro Arts Vocalign Project

Waves Mercury (their flagship plug-in suite) + Waves SSL 4000 Collection

and more...

For a complete software listing please refer to our Equipment page.



  Keyboard Rig, Samplers, VI's and Sound Modules-

Alesis DM Pro 20 bit drum module

EastWest Quantum leap Pianos

EMU PROTEUS 2500 Command Station

Ensoniq VFX-SD keyboard / workstation

Ensoniq TS-10 keyboard / workstation with 8Mb SIMMS & SCSI option

Ensoniq EPS 16+ digital sampling workstation rack module with 1Mb Flashbank & SCSI options

Large collection of  Ensoniq sound libraries

PS Systems "old school" 44Mb removable SCSI hard drive

Kurzweil K2600XS sampling keyboard / workstation (fully loaded)

Roland CM-64 sound module

Yamaha VL70m Virtual Acoustic Tone Generator



Genelec S-30C three way tri-amped active monitors

Tannoy System Eight 8NFM dual concentric passive monitors powered by a Hafler Pro 2400 power amplifier

Tannoy PS-110B subwoofer

Radio Shack Optimus-7 Pro AV (small speakers to check mix transportability)



We have a complete selection of support pieces which enable us to fully exploit our vast arsenal of gear

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