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Drums, Percussion & Instruments

The following instruments are available for use in the studio.

Drums:  The NRP "House Drum Kit" consists of:

Custom built 7-ply maple 'Fortune Drums' five piece drum kit with 10", 12", 14" and 15" toms (all with die-cast hoops), a 22" bass drum (with maple hoops) and Yamaha hardware. For more info on master drum maker Dale Flanigan's Fortune Drums, visit his web site at www.fortunedrums.com. There is an additional fee for the use of the house drums which helps keep fresh heads on the kit.

Also included:

    Zildjian hi hats

    Zildjian ride, ride/crash & crash cymbals (2- sets for different tonal colorations)

    Zildjian splash & china trash cymbals

    Heavy duty Pearl stands and hardware


Pearl 3.5" x 14" Free Floating 6-ply aged premium maple shell piccolo snare

Pearl 5" x 14" Free Floating 6-ply aged premium maple shell snare

Pearl 6" x 14" Steve Ferrone Signature series Black nickel snare


    1- Tama 4 piece low pitched Octoban set


    1- Pork Pie drum throne (the most comfortable drum throne available)

    1- 6' x 8' drum platform incorporating the Auralex Acoustics Platfoam system


Percussion: The NRP House percussion consists of:

J.C. Deagan beautifully restored vintage model 54-B  4-octave marimba


LP (Latin Percussion) fiberglass "Original Model" conga set with 1- LP252X 12-1/2" Tumbadora, 1- LP259X 11-3/4" Conga and heavy duty double conga stand.

LP (Latin Percussion) rosewood 'Junior' conga set with double stand

LP (Latin Percussion) Mini Tunable wood conga 


    1- LP (Latin Percussion) Aspire wood bongo set with Gibraltar stand

    1- LP (Latin Percussion) 5 piece Granite block set (the modern version of ancient Chinese temple blocks)

    1- LP (Latin Percussion) Vibra Slap II

    1- TreeWorks 35 bar titanium/aluminum alloy 'Classic' bar chime set

    This only a partial listing. We also keep EGGZ shakers, Custom Percussion wood maracas, a collection of wind chimes, Djembe and tambourines on hand, in addition to an interesting selection of assorted odd percussion toys.


    1- Kurzweil K2600XS fully loaded 88 key weighted action controller keyboard, Ensoniq VFX-SD and TS-10 synth action keyboards, sound modules and samplers from various manufacturers such as Alesis, EMU, Ensoniq, Roland & Yamaha, VI's (Virtual Instruments) such as EastWest Quantum Leap Pianos (see equipment page for details).


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